Mola is dedicated to our clientele, and we offer partial and full package production services to clients who we feel we can meet and exceed all of their goals. We understand that developing and manufacturing a new line is a very daunting task and that is why we offer as much one on one support to our clients for all aspects of the development and manufacturing process. We are selective about our clientele because we want to make sure all of your needs and goals are met with the superb quality, we put into all of our products. 

As everything we do here is hands on and time is key, before emailing an inquiry please read through the below and if we fit the factory and garment manufacturing you are looking for please email with the following info.

- Business Name

- What is your time frame for when you need products?

- How many products do you want to develop and what are they?

- What is your target cost of each product?

- Are you wanting full package or partial package?

Full Package includes everything from A-Z. Basically we start with your idea and materials and guide you through every step until a fully packaged, ready to ship product is delivered. Partial Package is any part of this process on a need by basis and would require a price quote.

We strictly work in basics and knits. We do not currently manufacture wovens, denim, dress shirts, outerwear, swimwear or heavily constructed garments.

We excel in both men and women's basics-tees, tanks, crop tops, hoodies, pullovers, sweatshirts, joggers, sweats, sweat shorts, long sleeve, raglans, etc. 

MOLA is now offering already constructed men's and women's styles in PFD, blanks and wholesale available for your private label.


MOLA prides itself on having the necessary resources, knowledge, network and facilities to take over any stages of development. Through each step and process, we will help guide our clients to ensure that the final product meets their needs and exceeds their expectations.

INTRODUCTORY MEETING: After initial email introductions to determine if we are on the right track, an in person introductory meeting with materials provided by the client (samples, patterns, fabrics, info. Etc.) will be held to determine if we are the right fit and what, if not all, services you need.

PATTERN MAKING: Our highly regarded and well-trained pattern makers are excellent at interpreting your thoughts and wants when it comes to our clients’ garments. We can develop a first pattern from sketches, a tech pack or prototype or we can make changes to existing patterns depending on the digitized patterns provided. 

SAMPLING: Samples made from sketches, tech or prototype are made to determine the fit, style lines, and draping of your fabric/trims. To ensure that the sample is to the clients expectations there may be several samples until the desired production sample is achieved. Our team will make fit appointments with our clients as we finish your carefully crafted samples and guide you through this process.

FABRIC AND TRIM SOURCING: Mola has an extensive network of fabric and trim resources to ensure our clients the best possible product. Additionally, our facility carries a wide range of jerseys we like to keep stock of throughout the year. Our selection extends from Pima, Comb, Open End and Slub Cottons with various French Terry and Fleece’s. We work with local mills to ensure we are able to minimize the torquing, bleeding and shrinking while maintaining the pleasant textural hand feel.

MARKING AND GRADING: MOLA grades and creates and all markers in house. After the desired base size fit sample is ready for production, Mola will grade and mark your pattern for production.


As with the development and meetings, all production is processed and completed at our facility in Vernon, Ca. This process includes cutting fabric, sewing garments and finishing (diligently inspect, trim, steam/press, labels, tags, bags and ship) The facility itself was designed and built to optimize the production process without compromising quality. 

As a private-label factory, we pride ourselves for our strong work ethic and attentive customer service. MOLA's priority is to manufacture garments that not only exceed our customer’s expectations but also stay true to the clients brand.


PATTERN CHARGES: $200 - $300 depending on the style.

SAMPLE CHARGES:  Prototypes, size sets, salesman samples different colors, fabrications, etc. price can range from $100- $250 depending on garment construction, dyes, embellishments, size sets, etc.

ORDERING SPECIALTY FABRICS: There are normally minimums and lead times. Typical minimums are 1,000 yards per lot for PFD & Piece Dye- each color minimum is 1,000 yards. Lead time is typically 5-8 weeks.

DEPOSITS/PAYMENTS: A 50% deposit for most orders is due prior to production and the remaining balance is required before delivery. Fabric prices/trim and heavily constructed garments may require a higher deposit percentage.



ORDER MINIMUMS: Our minimums are 300 pieces per style /100 pieces per color We do manufacture smaller batches and the price estimates are as follows:

200-299 pieces: 10% surcharge with a max of 3 colors.

75-199 pieces: 20% surcharge max 2 colors

1-75 pieces: Sample prices anywhere $100-$250

PRINT MINIMUMS: $100 per screen/per color. This means if there are different sizes of screen prints each size will need it's own screen and if there are multiple colors, each color will need it's own screen.